Throughout all of Musa’s career he has made it his mission to promote Gambian music and cooperation between musicians from all over the world. Alongside the project listed below Musa has also worked with many other organizations including Gambian societies and cultural festivals throughout Europe, Bletchley Education Arts Centre, Redhill UK, Sotokoto Project, Music for Change, Griot World, Traditional Arts Projects (TAPS) and The Africa Express group.

Here are a selection of some of the projects Musa has created. The projects below have all been supported by the Arts Council England who have been very supportive over the years and made these projects possible.

2020: Interactive World Music Show.

A collaboration with musicians from Columbia, Tanzania and Gambia sharing their local musical styles with each other along with a group of musicians from the UK. Each of the artist shared a selection of songs from their local country and taught the group how to play them. Then the group as a whole re-worked the songs adding their own personal twist. The end result of the project will be a single concert at The Brunswick in Hove where all the songs will be performed live to an audience.

2017: Bollo.

Bollo means an interaction between two cultures or tribes working together for common goal. This was a collaboration between musicians and dancers exploring how music and dance works together. A group of musicians and dancers traveled with Musa to the Gambia and worked with local musicians and dancers to explore the differences of their styles. Upon returning to the UK they performed a series of concerts showcasing the music and dance created from the project.

2007: HamHam.

HamHam means exchanging knowledge and involved taking a group of musicians to the Gambia who worked with four different tribes

2003: Jokka Adda

Jokka Adda means cultural collaboration and involved two musicians traveling around the Gambia with Musa working with many local musicians and recording many songs.